5 Simple Skin Care Tips For Teenage Girls Wearing Make Up

Skin problems is one of the major health problems that teenage girls have to deal with. At a time where your looks really matter a lot its important that you look your best. Bad skin can affect more than your social life. Although it should not, it does tend to affect self esteem and the way you feel about yourself. While there are certain things, like hormones, that you cannot do anything about the vast majority of skin issues is within your control and you can do something about it..Girls Like You Home Skin Care

Make up can have a great influence on your skin and the health of your skin. For many young girls its something new on their skin and sometimes the reaction can be negative -Girls Like You Home Skin Care- especially if there are chemicals in the products. With that in mind, here are 5 simple tips to help you stay healthy and keep your skin clear and beautiful.

1. Try to always buy make up and skin care products that are made from natural products. Chemical based products are usually much cheaper but they tend to be much harsher on your skin and can often lead to skin problems.

2. Always test new make up before you use it. Use a bit on your ear lobes or under your chin and leave it for a few hours to see how your skin reacts to it. This is important when you try out new products for the first time and even when its "safe and natural" you should still test how your skin will react to it.

3. Always check the expiry date of any product you buy. This also means that you should use it before the expiry date. There is a good reason why products expire and usually its because they are no longer safe to use after that date. Often time when products are on sale they have a short shelf life left, so be careful.

4. Never apply too much make up -Girls Like You Home Skin Care- especially when your skin is prone to zits and acne. Sometimes it seems like a good idea to cover up bad spots but too much make up can actually make this problem worse.

5. Always clean your face properly before you go to bed. Make up can irritate your skin and you need to allow your skin enough "breathing time" while you are sleeping. Make sure you clean is off completely with a good facial cleanser.

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Girls Like You Home Skin Care

Everyone dreams of having a healthy, glowing and supple skin and to make their dream come true people dare to use any chemical-based cosmetic product

The Different Skin Types - How to Identify and Determine Your Skin Type

Good skin care is not about a particular product; it is a matter of following a regimen with the right products. The key word here is "regimen"; many people may not know the true meaning of regimen. A regimen is a program to improve your health; so it's not only about taking care of your skin but also includes a discipline to follow a healthy lifestyle. A regimen will not succeed if an individual doesn't have a strong commitment or discipline to follow it through.Skin Types & Do you Really Know Your Skin Type?

However, before you pump up your motivation and promise yourself that you will have a discipline to stick with a skin care regimen, the first step you need to take is to learn different skin types and identify the skin type you have.

kin Types & Do you Really Know Your Skin Type?

Well, the main reason is so that we can use the right products for each skin type. If you don't know your skin type, you maybe using products that are not the best for your particular skin type. But again, aren't the attributes of our skins change as we age; as our hormonal level changes; as the weather changes; as our lifestyle changes; and so on... Yes, all these are true but the impact is very small as our skins have very complex genetic attributes that don't change much as we age.

The different skin types we may have are:

- Normal Skins

-Oily Skins

- Dry Skins

- Combination Skins

- Sensitive Skins.

kin Types & Do you Really Know Your Skin Type?

Easy! First, gently clean your entire face with lukewarm water; pat your face with a clean towel and don't apply any moisturizer after that. Just wait for 20 minutes. Get a white tissue paper and slowly wipe your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

If you see oily residues in all these areas, then you have an oily skin; if you only see oily residues from your forehead and nose, then you have combination skin. If you don't see any oil at all, then you have a dry skin; if there's just little bit of oil from every parts of your face, then you have a normal skin.

Sensitive skin is very prone to allergic reactions. For example, if your skin get red, itchy and irritated by temperature changes, most likely you have a sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can also get irritated easily when you try some new makeup or creams.

Knowing the different skin types is the first step for choosing a successful skin care regimen. Once you have gotten the right regimen, discipline yourself to follow through the regimen. That's the way to have a beautiful and healthy skin.

If you're interested in discovering more tips and information on skin care, acne skin care and even how to clear acne fast, check out our Acne Skin Care Guide first before you go and buy another product. You can also download a FREE report: Facial Skin Care Secrets. This little report is packed with tons of great skin care tips.

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Skin Care Tips & Many Tips and Tricks

Effective skin care tip - There are many people who are obsessed with extremely high cost skin care products because they do not know otherwise. For them the only way to treat wrinkles and all effects of aging and gravity is through digging deep into their purses. This if far from the plain truth because just some small lifestyle changes will lake a whole lot of a difference, and here is a list of some of them.

Skin Care Tips & Many Tips and Tricks

There are some foods than need to be a no go for anyone who wants to maintain proper skin health. Some of these foods cause your skin to break out and they therefore harm you by making it too oily. You may need to avoid some chocolate, French fries, candy, soft drinks and pizza.  You need to eliminate all that is harmful to your skin or at worst you eat them on moderation.

Hydrate and exercise

We are a generation that does not take water seriously at all and we drink les and les of it. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water goes a long way to cleanse your system from inside out apart from keeping it moist.  Skin Care Tips & Many Tips and Tricks As you exercise your body eliminates toxins and pollutants as you pores are open and that keeps your skin supple. Keeping your body in top condition also works to eliminate stress which can also contribute to premature wrinkles.

Monitor sun exposure

Protect your skin from harmful pollutants and the dangerous ultra violet rays of the sun by wearing a correct sunscreen. This will protect your skin from all signs of premature aging as well as the danger of getting skin cancer. Just be careful how much time you spend under the open sky and you will be relatively safe with your skin.

Cleanse your skin regularly

You need to learn how to keep your skin cleansed, toned and moisturized as well. This can be a daily routine that you need to create time for the good health of your skin. When looking for a cleanser for your skin great care needs to be taken so that you get one that is mild Skin Care Tips & Many Tips and Tricks. There are those that are known to be harsh and they end up doing more harm than good. When doing this procedure remember to always use moderately warm water as hot water is known to scrape the skin and leave it dry without the natural protective oils.  

Following a simple lifestyle program like the one suggested above will ensure you do not see a wrinkle on your skin before its time and your skin will keep a youthful appearance for such a long time. All that is required of you is some discipline and commitment and then the rest as they say will be history.

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

They are the most common home remedies for chapped lips out there and you can get them all straight from your refrigerator or tap. It is important to drink lots of water, not only for your cracked lips, but also for your general health and skin. Try to drink at least eight glasses per day. It will hydrate your entire body plus help with keeping your lips retain moisture.(Remedies For Chapped Lips & Causes)

Having proper proportions of milk and dairy products can alleviate the problem as well. Their rich magnesium and calcium sources can benefit your lips in the long run if taken consistently.

Often people suffer from dry lips because they are not getting the proper amount of daily vitamin intake in their diet. Eating a variety of fruits filled with natural vitamins can help keep your body hydrated at appropriate levels. The dose of vitamins you receive from fruit is just as good - if not better - than taking a multivitamin.

2. Natural Remedy Alternatives(Remedies For Chapped Lips & Causes)

The best home remedies for chapped lips are "over the counter" natural lubricants that you can find at a herbalist shop or pharmacy. Aloe Vera is a great remedy for any type of skin ailment and can work very effectively on dry lips. Sometimes it doesn't last long on your skin and you must keep applying it to keep them moist so you could try adding some Vaseline to it.

Coconut oil is another useful remedy that you can apply frequently to keep your lips moist. Another mixture you could try is taking a bit of honey and Vaseline; apply the combination to your chapped lips for about ten minutes then rinse it off with a towel or cotton ball.

3. More Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

There are a number of lubricants and moisturizers you can use to treat chapped lips, but sometimes the best remedies are preventative ones. Get at the problem before it starts by making sure that your living and work environments are kept at appropriate humidity levels. If you live in a particularly dry and cold area, try plugging in a humidifier in your room or work area. It will help keep your skin moist and prevents damage done to your skin.

It is also important to avoid licking your lips continuously. Some people have a bad habit of doing it continuously and it can cause cracks or dryness - even if done inadvertently. Another thing that can cause chapped lips is over-consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Both substances reduce moisture and water levels in the body so be careful not to drink too much. Remember everything is better in moderation.(Remedies For Chapped Lips & Causes)

If home remedies for chapped lips don't solve the problem then it would be wise to visit a dermatologist. The doctor can prescribe medicine for your troubled lips and offer more advice if you need it.

Everyone suffers from dry lips every once and awhile, but these home remedies for chapped lips can significantly improve the problem if applied frequently throughout the day. For more details on how to heal chapped lips and other "how to" solutions, please visit the How Top 10 Solutions Guide.

Remedies For Chapped Lips & Causes

Dry and chapped lips is a major problem for many people, dry and chapped lips can be the result of numerous things, the loss of natural oils may happen due to exposure to sun

4 Easy Steps To Cover Your Pimples

What do you do when your new acne medication has not kicked in an you need to look great TODAY? Do not panic. With the following easy tips you will look great so put away that ski mask and get to work on hiding that acne.

All you need to do is learn a few creative acne makeup concealing tips and you will look your very best at school, work or play.

There are some very easy ways to conceal acne with makeup. This does not cure it, but it will get you through the day with your head held high.

What your need for your acne makeup tool kit (How to Conceal Pimples)

You will only need three make-up weapons to hide your acne, concealer, a foundation and a finishing powder. Here is some advice, do not buy cheap make-up. You should only use make-up that has a good reputation that you trust.Some examples are Clinique and Lancome. Also be sure to buy a color that matches your skin tone well.

The key to success with this is to choose oil-free makeup. Read the labels to make sure it is oil-free. Most of your good, brand name products will be oil-free. Using oil-free makeup and cleansing products will ensure that you are not going to aggravate the acne. After all you are trying to cover it up, not get rid of it! How to Conceal PimplesAnother good rule of thumb is to use hypoallergenic products so you do not break out from an allergy. Lancome is a good hypoallergenic brand.

It is always a good ideas to test any new brand of makeup that you are using. You want to test it to make sure you are not allergic to it. To test, apply small dabs to a small area under your jaw. If you skin is going to have an allergic reaction it will happen within an hour. This is really important because if you use something all over your face that you are going to be allergic to...well you can imagine how awful that will look.

Here are the four steps to hiding that acneHow to Conceal Pimples

1. Wash your face with your normal face cleansing product and pat dry. Use your acne medication as directed and be sure to let it dry completely.

2. Start with the concealer. Apply the concealer right onto any blotches or red areas caused by the acne. Use a light dabbing motion. Use a disposable facial sponge to blend the concealer in. Use small amounts of concealer, remember you can apply more if you need it but you do not want to layer it on too thickly or it will look terrible when it dries.

3. Apply foundation using a light dabbing motion. Use the foundation sparingly an blend it in with your disposable makeup sponge. You can add foundation to any areas that need it.

4. Using a makeup brush put on a light layer of the oil-free powder. This gets rid of any shine left by the concealer or foundation. It also evens everything up and gives you a "finished" look.

That is it! It is so easy to do and you will look great. Be sure you throw away the sponges because your natural face oil will get on them and you do not want to reapply that oil to your face by using the sponge again. Before you go to bed be sure and wash your face thoroughly to get all the makeup off. How to Conceal PimplesThis will help control the acne you have and prevent new acne from showing up.

How to Conceal Pimples

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Dry Skin is really very irritating skin type. The changing weather affects the dry skin badly since it is sensitive towards the weather that’s why protecting

Dry Skin Type & Get Relieve From This Condition

Dry Skin is really very irritating skin type. The changing weather affects the dry skin badly since it is sensitive towards the weather that’s why protecting

How To Prevent Oily skin & Make Your Skin Oil Free

The over-activity of sebaceous glands gives oily texture to your skin. It makes your face, especially the T-zone, look extra shiny and greasy.

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Vitamins For Skin & Importance of Healthy Vitamin Rich Diet

Besides making use of beauty products for looking pretty, taking healthy and balanced diet is also equally important. A balanced diet that features nutrients, vitamins and minerals can do wonders for the skin.